Leading in the building of science and knowledge on the approach of Islam to guide and delight mankind.
The University should work to consolidate the knowledge and value base of life with a cadre of messages and smart partnerships to achieve the compassion of the nation and the happiness of humanity.
University Values
The University is committed to a set of values and ethics directed towards this strategy design, implementation and evaluation stems from the moral values of the message of Islam and Sudanese values, which guide the scientific process and its relations with society and others:
  1. Work is worship.
  2. Team spirit.
  3. Ensure interests.
  4. Charity and Proficiency.
  5. Leadership and example.
  6. Advisory and advice.
  7. Transparency and accounting.
  8. Keeping up with innovation.
  9. Collaborate and share.
strategic goals

strategic goals :

  1. Rooting science.
  2. Developing scientific research.
  3. Community Service and Development
  4. Developing educational programs.
  5. Enhancing effective communication.
  6. Development and modernization of infrastructure and work environment.
  7. Computerization of administrative and academic processes.
  8. Human resources development.
  9. Developing students' abilities.
  10. Development and diversification of own financial resources.
  11. Enhance the optimal use of financial resources.
University environment

Internal environment:

strength points Weaknesses points
1. Adopting rooting in curriculum development 1. Poor preparation of academic and community outreach programs
2. Effective contribution of faculty members to many research and studies 2. Failure to update and apply quality standards in graduate programs and scientific research
3. The University's interest in teaching the forensic sciences to the members of the community 3. The high teaching and administrative burdens of faculty members who reduce their participation in scientific research
4. Faculty Collaboration with Community College Centers 4. There are no academic programs related to family science and development
5. Characterized by the university campus institutions with a capacity of high efficiency in terms of area 5. There is no follow-up and documentation of the graduates' successes to communicate and benefit from them
6. The existence of colleges and facilities of the University in distinct geographic locations 6. There are no academic, psychological and social support services for students
7. A desire and motivation of the human resources for advanced training programs to contribute to the development professionally 7. Lack of basic and service facilities
8. Optimize the available resources to meet the need 8. There is no assessment and evaluation of human resources in the light of quality assurance standards
9. Computerization of many university systems (registration - finance - libraries) 9. Lack of coordinators to prepare specialist for training needs
10. Internet access at university institutions 10. There is no periodic review of the cost of the services offered by the university to the student, for which the tuition fees are determined
University environment

External environment:

Power points Weaknesses
1. State interest in the policy of Arabization and settlement 1. Non-rooting of academic, research and community curricula, programs and decisions
2. Invest in research funding that serves the community's priorities by marketing it 2. Non-utilization of the results of scientific research by the concerned authorities
3. Benefiting from the research cooperation agreements signed by the university with the educational and research institutions locally and internationally 3. Lack of potential for support from local community institutions in partnership with the University
4. Community competition and social environment development 4. Trends towards non-traditional learning patterns (e-learning)
5. Developing programs to meet labor market needs 5. Lack of accredited academic programs from local and international quality assurance institutions
6. Iqbal students in undergraduate and graduate programs 6. Competition in the introduction of programs and the opening of educational institutions
7. Attention to eGovernment Project Services 7. Low job satisfaction rate
8. Attract and attract financing opportunities 8. The University's operational cost has increased due to high inflation in the economy.
9. Adopting and implementing the strategic plan to improve performance and improve the ranking of the university in the global classification and outlook for its future. 9. Weak financial resources and lack of government funding
10. Contribution to the development of the island's mandate in education and training. 10. Deviation of development projects during the years of the strategic plan for the projects of the executive plan

About Univirsity

The university originated from a good seed for the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences in Omdurman, represented by the Institute of the Holy Quran, which was opened in 1412H corresponding to 1991, at the initiative of the Holy Quran workshops in the state of Al-Jazeera.

The spatial location

Gezira state

city of Wumdani

district Al daraga

west of the tower of the Gazera

Means of communication

  • Public Relations: 0122899296
  • Office of the Director: 0122400901
  • E-mail: