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In the name of Allah the Merciful

The chancellor’s (word); speech

There is no doubt, that the overall comprehensive positive changes experienced by our great country; Sudan which, was welcomed by our educated people with enthusiasm, are the real echoes of the overwhelming desire to build a homeland of freedom, peace and justice. The noble dream which, the martyrs wrote with their bright blood to be a reality that changes many of the features of the Sudanese state, and makes the educated people resume their lofty values, which features have been greatly distorted, and causing horizon blockage of development and leadership, which has preserved throughout history.

University of the Holy Quran and Taseel of science; after these comprehensive positive changes, will shape the future with a steady pace and a new vision, in pursuit of its mission, which benefited from many of the strong ties and linkage between the components of the university from the top to the bottom. This new vision is one of the most important features of the revival of the (triangle); pillars of the university's mission; the educational process, scientific research and community service. For the educational process, the university will work in the coming period to establish high-value educational programs with indicators that can be measured, evaluated and tracked its development and this is the first side of the (triangle); pillars university's mission. As for the scientific research, there is no doubt that the national renaissance in all its dimensions is inconceivable to be without scientific research, so the University will work in the coming days to supplement an support scientific research with everything that would improve its role, as is the case in the most developed countries. This (triangle); pillar is closely related to its predecessors. Community service, which represents the third side, is based on the outcomes of success in the former two sides of the triangle, and community service is a fundamental right of societies, and the main objective is to be the cause of education and scientific research in the development and well-being and welfare of that society. This represents the new strategy of the University of the Holy Quran and Taseel of sciences. This will be followed by supporting research centers, ensuring the existence of all the requirements of the success of educational processes, both theoretical and practical, and attention to training and upgrading of human frameworks and smart partnerships with beneficiaries, taking into account the specific needs of the labor market.

We will emphasize the University's vision of its internal and surrounding society, which is based on promoting a culture of peace and acceptance of the other. We are working on the university and we have an eye on our sons and daughters. The generation that made and kept guarding this change, they are real change makers so, our main objective is to make them in the strongest position in the scientific, cultural, intellectual, social and sport, because this generation is the gateway to the bright future of our country that loved and rebelled to make its prosperity befitting its glorious history.

To achieve all these goals, we must all adopt the idea of good governance, walk the talk, make deeds louder than words, be keen on the concepts of quality, development, provide training opportunities without discrimination, valued the role of women and appreciate their efforts.

If we want to change our reality for the better, and open the horizons of the future based on enlightenment, we must start reforming ourselves to accommodate and adopt the new concepts of the modern Sudanese state, we must, above all, build our vision on trusting Allah first, then using our strengths, releasing and discharge our energies, and working in a harmonious team spirit.

Prof.Dr. Abkar Aabd albanat Adam Ibrahim

Chancellor of the University of the Holy Quran and Tasee of sciences

About Univirsity

The university originated from a good seed for the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences in Omdurman, represented by the Institute of the Holy Quran, which was opened in 1412H corresponding to 1991, at the initiative of the Holy Quran workshops in the state of Al-Jazeera.

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Gezira state

city of Wumdani

district Al daraga

west of the tower of the Gazera

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